Composite Capability


Advanced composite production capabilities.



Behind the successful production of high-performance boats lies our  composite production capabilities.

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of composite production 
  • Comprehensive employee training programs 
  • Highly efficient process designs 
  • Strict quality checks and controls.

Our composite production capabilities include: 

  • Hand lay wet lamination polyester and epoxy systems
  • Vacuum bag cores and laminates
  • Epoxy and Vinylester infusion
  • Closed mould infusion
  • Composite match moulding
  • Heated press up to 3 bar
  • Pre-preg lamination and cooking up to 120deg
  • Spray painting booths
  • CNC machined cores for closed mould infusion and match moulding
  • Inhouse solid modelling design capabilities
  • Design and build of plugs and moulds
  • Design of custom systems and fit-outs for boats