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    The online form on this page allows you to specify the exact fit-out you want for your own boat and to choose what items you want included in your 470 package. At the bottom of the page press "Send Order Enquiry" to send us your specific requirements and we'll then quote a fixed price shipped to your country of residence.

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    Your details

    Please build me a custom Mackay Boats International 470 to the following specification :

    Hull Type & colour

    Each boat is fitted with the following standard equipment:

    • Mackay mast puller (view)
    • North spinnaker bags
    • Non-skid 3M Decktread on gunwale (view)
    • Four inspection ports in side tanks (view)
    • Forward inspection hatches with inspection port fitted in port side hatch (view)
    • Mylar transom flaps over 100mm X 25mm rounded holes
    • Mylar centreboard gaskets
    • Two Bailers mounted forward of traveller bulkhead (view)
    • Mackay Rudder stock with Carbon tiller extension (view)
    • Spare gel coat

    Under each heading there are several options to choose from. The first option is always the default option. If you are new to the class this is the best possible starting point.

    Subsequent options are for alternative systems that are commonly used. Over the years we have fitted 470s with almost every system imaginable. We have refined and developed these to the point that they are the most functional and effective systems possible. Check the view links to see system photos and drawings.

    We would strongly recommend that any 470 crew keeps their layout within the parameters listed below. However, please feel free to make any comments in the space provided. We can make changes to suit custom requirements if necessary. With good communication and by sending us photos and drawings we will ensure that your layout is exactly as required.

    Only the best fittings possible are used and we select different brands for different functions depending on factors such as strength, weight, durability, reliability and operation. These include the best of Harken, Ronstan, Holt, Riley and Allen fittings. We will however, use a different combination of fittings if requested.



    Boat Weight:

    Every boat has a different fit-out, so we need to customise the weight of your hull to match that fit-out.  To do this we need to know what extra parts you will add to your boat. 

    Our standard weight is based on a 10 kg (minimum weight) mast, a Superspars or Selden boom and the centreboard we supply with your boat. If you are going to use heavier parts then please give details below.

    Boat Weight
    Rig Tension


    Jib Leads
    Jib Brackets
    Jib Sheet Positions

     Centreboard System

    Spinnaker Sheets
    Spinnaker Twing Lines
    Spinnaker Halyard

    Pole Topper

    Pole Down

    Mast Pre-bender
    Jib Luff
    Hiking Strap Options
    Non Skid Options
    Foils - KiwiStyle CNC Moulded


    Trolley & Covers

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    Member of NZmarine



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