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      At Mackay Boats we know what makes a fast boat.

      After years of competing at the very top level we know the details that matter.

      Since 2000 our boats have won 30 Olympic medals

      Our boats are

      • built with precise processes to exacting standards.
      • built stiff and strong, with the weight and strength where it is needed to make the boat as fast as possible.
      • fitted out with systems that work, customised to suit the sailors own preferences.
      • equipped with the best fittings used for each system.
      • built using strict quality control processes to ensure boats are built consistently and each boat is the very best possible.
      • finished with details that don't just look good, but make a difference to performance.
      • matched with foils designed and built using the latest technology alongside years of experience.

      At Mackay Boats every manufacturing and design decision is analysed using the criteria “will it make the boat go faster?"

      Mackay boats have won 30 medals at Olympic Games and 114 World Championship medals.

      Some Recent Results:

      49er Worlds 2017

      • 49er 1st & 3rd       
      • 49erFX 2nd & 3rd    

      Mackay Boats win 7 Olympic medals in the 49er, FX & 470 classes - Rio 2016

      • 49er Gold, Silver & Bronze at Rio Olympics
      • FX ; Gold & Silver at Rio Olympics
      • 470w ; Silver & Bronzr at Rio Olympics
      • 60% of 470 fleet chose Mackay Boats for Rio 2016
      • 75% of the 49er & FX fleet chose Mackay Boats for Rio 2016


      49er Worlds 2016

      • 49er 1st & 2nd        8 of top 10
      • 49erFX 1st & 3rd    6 of top 10

      2016 470 Worlds

      • 470w 1st & 2nd
      • 8 of top 10 women use Mackay


      Cattermole & Bryony-Lloyd win Ladies 2013 420 Worlds


      Mackay Boats win 7 Olympic medals in the 470 & 49er classes - London 2012

      • 470w Gold, Silver & Bronze at London Olympics
      • 470m ; 8 of top 10 use Mackay Boats in London
      • 49er ; 6 of top 10 use Mackay Boats in London

      Alexandros & Georgios Kavvas win Open 2012 420 World Championships

      • Mackay 420 wins at their first world championship.


      Check out more World Class results from Mackay Boats.








      ISAF Licensed Builder
      Member of NZmarine



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