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Remember when sailing was fast and fun?

Enjoy the challenge of true one design fleet racing and relive the dream.

Experience the thrill of skiff sailing from the comfort of your own cockpit.

The VX One is a fresh and exciting one-design for the international two to three person racing enthusiast. The VX One offers sailors from junior to advanced a vehicle for perpetual enjoyment of performance sailing in an affordable, durable, and technically advanced package, and at a realistic price.

Some Basic Facts:

  • LOA = 5.79m (19')
  • LWL = 5.74m (18.83′)
  • Beam = 2.19m (7.17′)
  • SA Main + Jib = 19.97 sq m (215 sq ft)
  • SA Gennaker = 26 sq m (280 sq ft)
  • Draft, keel down = 1.32m (4.33′)
  • Crew Weight tolerance = 170 - 205kg  (380 – 450 lbs)
  • Crew  2-3 person
  • Weight = 255kg all up weight excluding sails.


  • Boats built in both Southern & Northern hemispheres.
  • GNAV (above boom Vang)
  • Self Tacking Jib on Harken Radial track
  • Recessed Harken Jib furler
  • Large mouth Gennaker launcher
  • Single line Gennaker halyard/ retrieval/ pole launcher
  • Clear coated Carbon spars by Southern Spars
  • Simple, uncluttered cockpit
  • Extruded and Anodized Aluminum keel for perfect shape and durability
  • High performance profile Carbon-Glass rudder
  • Simplified rig utilizing sensible engineering; provides easy tuning
  • Storage for Day gear/ Provisions
  • Under deck paddle storage
  • Optional Outboard bracket (2 Hp Outboard) for recreational use

Team Design Approach: The VX team includes lead design and concepts by Viper 640 designer, Brian Bennett, naval architecture and design engineering by Ross Weene and Rodger Martin, rig development and engineering by John Clinton and the Southern Spars team, and deck layout by Harken. The VX is designed with Multisurf Yacht design software, 3D modeled with Rhinoceros, and VVP analysis by the Wolfston unit (UK) software. Hull tools will be cut with precision 5 axis CNC equipment for perfect geometry and replication.

Optimised Construction Techniques: The VX is built using a conservative level of technology. Major components are built using Epoxy resin and e glass with carbon reinforcement in keys areas and PVC cores, with hard gelcoat surfaces. This produces a tough, durable craft, with optimal performance and longevity. Due to the 3-D design process, all parts and systems can be duplicated with precision and stocked for quick turnaround if needed. This will be a boat that will give many years of racing service.

ISAF One Design Development: The VX is being developed from the start using ISAF templates and guidelines to guarantee strict international design and build tolerances, and class management development.

Logistics Efficiency: Sailing is an expensive sport and suffers from varying degrees of inefficiency. The VX is designed to consider the long-ranging impact of shipping and moving multiple boats and associated equipment efficiently. On initial delivery, the VX can be delivered 3 units per 20’ container, or 8 units per 40’ HC container. The hull is light enough to comfortably stack 3 high on a road single trailer. The Southern Spars Carbon rig is shipped in 2 pieces for easy handling and stocking.

The VX ONE was the unanimous winner of the 2012 Sailing World 'Overall Boat of the Year' and 'Best One Design' as well as Sail magazine’s 2012 'Best Boat' award. The VX is a robust, easy to sail high performance 19’ 'ballast assisted' dinghy that is highly responsive and powerful, with the conveniences of furling and self-tacking jib.

The international class association is professionally run and backed by an executive committee of owners with considerable One Design experience. Class rules are written to ISAF guidelines for easy crossover in the next few years.

The VX One is supported by three established brands with decades of experience, Bennett Yachting, Inc, Mackay Boats and Ovington Boats.  With fleets growing throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, this collaboration will further set the VX One on a firm platform for significant international growth.

World Sailing Licensed Builder
Member of NZmarine



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