29er Complete boat incl Foils, Spars & Sails

NZD $24,000EA ex GST

Ready to race, the complete boat includes:

  • Mackay built mast, boom, and prod
  • Foils & foil cover
  • Carbon tiller extension and boatbreaker
  • Sails and spinnaker sock
  • Robline sheets and lines
  • Rudder stock
  • Bluewave Turnbuckles
  • All equipment ready to race

Excludes beach trolley and covers.

 29er Complete boat incl Foils, Spars & Sails is fully configurable using the Fitout tab ...

NZD $785EA ex GST
NZD $720EA ex GST
NZD $700EA ex GST
NZD $410EA ex GST
NZD $380PR ex GST
NZD $325EA ex GST
NZD $215EA ex GST
NZD $205EA ex GST
NZD $130PR ex GST
NZD $120EA ex GST
NZD $120EA ex GST
NZD $115PR ex GST
NZD $90PR ex GST
NZD $85EA ex GST
NZD $80EA ex GST
NZD $72EA ex GST
NZD $65EA ex GST
NZD $64EA ex GST
NZD $32EA ex GST
NZD $30EA ex GST
NZD $30M ex GST
NZD $13EA ex GST
NZD $1,450EA ex GST
NZD $1,400EA ex GST
NZD $770EA ex GST
NZD $25EA ex GST
NZD $950EA ex GST
NZD $800EA ex GST
NZD $340EA ex GST
NZD $32EA ex GST
NZD $729EA ex GST

TackTick 060 Micro Compass

The Raymarine Wireless Micro Compass gives you a massive racing advantage. It is light, easy to read, reliable and precise. The Micro Compass's tactical scale gives you clear stable figures for port and starboard tacks. When tacking, the readings are always the same, meaning you never have to remember numbers.