Q. How do I order and pay?

A. Use the on-line order form to select and get a quote for the parts you want to order. Add comments whenever you want to ask further questions. Once you have a quote you can send a 25% deposit and we will build your boat and other equipment.  The balance will need to be paid before we ship your boat. Payment can be made direct into our bank account. Details will be on the invoice.


Q. Will there be any taxes or duty on my boat?

A. Each country has different rules for taxes on imported goods. You will be required to pay these when your boat enters your country. If you first receive and sail the boat in a different country, then check with a customs agent to ensure you import it at the lowest possible cost.


Q. Do you have dealers in other countries?

A. We have a few dealers around the world, but generally we like to work directly with the sailors. This allows us to keep the final price as low as possible and gives us the opportunity to discuss your boat in detail and make sure you are getting exactly what you want. This way we both learn and the end result is a better and FASTER boat.


Q. How long does it take to get a new boat?

A. Delivery times vary depending on the time of year, and of course shipping time to where you want the boat delivered. It will usually take 2-3 months until you receive your boat in Europe or America after you have confirmed your order.



Q. How do I get my new boat from New Zealand?

A. We are shipping boats to different parts of the world most weeks.  Most times we are able to ship boats together to a common destination to keep shipping costs as low as possible. This works best when your boats is shipped to a major regatta where others will also be wanting their new boat sent to.


Service Questions:

Q. What service does Mackay boats offer once the boat leaves New Zealand?

A. Staff from Mackay Boats attend various regattas during the year. Check on the news page of the website for contact details of our team travelling. We are happy to talk over details of your current or next boat and help you whenever possible to get the best from your Mackay Boat.  Skype or e-mail any other time to ask any questions. Contact details for staff can be found on our staff and contacts page.


Q. How do I repair scratches or chips on my boat?

A. Small gel coat repairs are relatively easy to do. More details on these are on our “just FAST” page.


If you have a specific question that you wish to ask please contact us here

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