Now Building the High-Speed 29ers

    Producing, thrill seeking, “high-octane” boats is what Mackay Boats love doing which is why we are very excited to be back building the 29er; a high performance, 2 person, single trapeze dinghy.

    New 29er moulds which are built from fully CNC machined plugs are now in production.

    The hull plug was machined from the same file that other builders are using to ensure all boats are the same worldwide.

    A new file for the deck was created to ensure a perfect fit to the hull. This ensures a perfect glue joint and minimises the weight needed for the glue joint.

    Spars are also CNC machined to ensure consistency and make it a lot easier to repalce dmaged sections.

    The first six hulls have been made and, while the 29er is a strict one design class, there are some excellent aspects to a Mackay Boats built 29er. These include:

    • The same attention to detail we put into the Olympic 49er Class boat is being put into building the 29er
    • Top boat fitting brands are used
    • Tapered Robline ropes come as standard
    • Bluewave turnbuckles are included as standard (not as an upgrade)
    • Spars are assembled by Mackay Boats using CNC machined, NZ made tubes
    • New trolley design provides better support for the boat on shore and makes it easier to launch and retrieve. This is the same design used for the 49er trolley


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