Is your boat shore bound for a while?

    If you’re not using your boat for a while, take some storage precautions to prevent wear ‘n’ tear and minimise future breakdowns. Here are 15 storage tips to keep your boat in top gear and ready for a new season…

    1. Fresh water wash down. Make sure your boat is washed down thoroughly inside and outside using fresh water. Completely dry the boat, wiping the inside and outside of the boat to get rid of all moisture. The boat must be completely dried.
    2. Leave ports open.
    3. Store inside. Keep your boat inside if possible. Otherwise undercover but away from a sloping roof so runoff doesn’t end up on the boat.
    4. If the boat can be left inside, leave the boat cover off.
    5. Fitted cover.  If a boat needs to be kept outside, use a cover that fits the entire boat. Make sure the cover is tightly fitted to the boat and all straps are as tight as possible. Saggy covers collect moisture and prevent the boat drying out.
    6. Tilt boat. Tilt the boat up so that any water runs down the cover
    7. Airflow. Try to keep airflow in the boat
    8. Foils. If you can store foils inside, keep foils out of the bag and aerate bag. Putting foils away in wet bags can weaken the adhesion of the gelcoat so make sure the foils and the bag is dry.
    9. Sails. If you can store sails inside, remove sails from the bag and aerate bag
    10. Control lines. Make sure there is no tension on any of the boat’s control lines.
    11. Spars. Wash all spars down with fresh water so there is no chance of corrosion.
    12. Halyards. Pull halyards to the top of the rig. Coil up ropes at the base of the mast and put inside a Mackay Boats rigging bag. UV destroys ropes left uncovered.
    13. Do not leave wires wrapped around spars.
    14. For 49ers, 49erFX, think about taking the mast base off. Remember to use a barrier compound when putting the base back on.
    15. For Bieker Moths,  it’s a good opportunity to take foils apart completely to check all connections and to clean the “foot” of the foil, check for wear and tear around pushrods and if need be replace parts to keep tight tolerances. Pushrods are a good piece to replace as they wear over time and have been known to fail from time to time. Replace any worn out rudder bushings in the gantry, check universal joints in tillers. As with all parts, when re assembled proper care should be taken and all parts put back together with an anti-seize or tefgel to ensure the parts will not corrode together.

    Need an outside secure, storage box?

    A great way to store equipment outside if you’re limited for inside space is the Mackay Boats Travel Box – a fibre-glass built box that is waterproof and secure. Not too heavy, the box can be used for travelling to regattas (domestically and overseas) and can be put on top of trailers. Find out more 


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