Skeeta 9.5 Complete Boat

NZD 20,347.83 each ( Excluding Taxes )

What you get  

A new boat you can rig up from out of the box at your club and be on the water in less than 30 minutes. And less than 15 minutes from then on. The foiling system, vang and mainsheet systems are pre-fitted and set from factory! All boats come with displacement foil inserts to be inserted into the Daggerboard and Rudder to transform your new Skeeta 9.5 into a high-performance displacement planing boat.   

Skeeta 9.5 comes in a cardboard transport box and includes; 

Fully fitted Skeeta hull in full padded hull cover 

- CST two-piece Carbon Mast in padded mast bag 

- CST Carbon Boom 

- Doyle 9.5m² mylar sail 

- Wings fitted with trampolines 

- Daggerboard, Rudder and Lifting Foils in padded bag 

- Fully Adjustable Wand 

- Collapsible beach trolley 

- Fully Adjustable Spreaders 

- Displacement sailing foil inserts 

- Rudder box with tiller and tiller extension

Part Number : SK1002

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